Jennifer will take you from foundation up on all things martinis. No stone is left unturned with this quick course. Knowing what it is like to be new and lack years of restaurant experience, she will teach you in a way that makes everything come together, so at the end, you'll understand and know more than most guests and professional servers. This is a course for restaurant professionals or anyone who wants to understand what a martini is and the many ways it can be ordered.

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A martini is one of the simplest drinks yet it carries more lingo than any other drink order. A guest can not just say, “I’d like a martini” because there are so many variations of what that means to them. You have to know the series of questions to ask your guests, and be prepared to understand and deliver any modifications they may want.

From up, rocks, dry, none dry, perfect, wet and gibson, you’ll learn and retain everything you need to know to be a pro at martinis.

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