Question 1

The Martini.

The martini has been around since the 1800’s and it is made with either gin or vodka, but the original, original, original, original is made with gin.  No questions asked.

But nowadays, there are a lot of questions to ask.

Like “would you like gin OR vodka?”

This is probably the most important question you can ask your guest when they order a martini.

The original martini recipe is made using gin, but many people like their martini made with vodka.

You must find out which one your guest prefers, by asking them.

Me:  “I’d like a Martini, please.”

You:  Choose your answer from below.

Both gin and vodka are clear spirits.

A martini is never colored.  If it is, it would be considered a “specialty” drink, specialty martini, or a cocktail, but not a classic martini.

A classic martini may be cloudy looking or clear.

Is this picture a picture of a classic martini?

A classic martini is never colored.

A Martini is served 2-different ways.  Either:

“Up” or “On the rocks”.

Up means that the spirit (gin or vodka) will be chilled but there will be no ice in the actual drink.

Rocks means the spirit (gin or vodka) will be served with ice in the glass.

So, when someone orders a martini, you would ask them these 2-follow up questions:

  1. Gin or Vodka?
  2. Up or on the rocks?



A martini will always be:

When someone orders a martini “up” ↑, the bartender will make the gin or vodka very cold by adding the spirit (gin or vodka) to a glass with a lot of ice.  They will top the glass with another glass to create a container or use a martini shaker.

Then they shake it.

And shake it.

And shake it.

When it is cold, they will strain the ice away from the chilled gin or vodka and pour the spirit into a martini glass.

Some people like it very cold!

That just means more shaking for the bartender.

So, martinis are made using gin or vodka and they can be ordered “up” ↑ or {{{on}}} the {{{rocks}}}.

When someone wants their martini “on the rocks”, the bartender will pour the gin or {{{vodka}}} directly over the ice cubes which are already in the glass.

Then, he/she will garnish it with a ***lemon twist or an olive, depending on the guests preference.

You must ask the guest what garnish they would like.

When someone wants their martini “on the rocks,” the bartender will pour the gin or {{{vodka}}} directly over the ice cubes, which are already in the glass.

Then, depending on the guest’s preference, the bartender will garnish the drink with a {{{lemon}}} twist or an olive. and see which you prefer

Stirred, not shaken

Some people will ask for their martini to be stirred, not shaken.  This just means that the gin or vodka will be placed into a shaker or pint glass with ice.  Using a bartender spoon, the contents will be stirred with the spoon only going around the perimeter of the shaker or pint.

Doing this creates a small difference in the sipping experience.  Shaking a martini creates itty-bitty air bubbles which cause the martini to have a fuller mouth feel when sipped. Stirring a martini does not create itty-bitty air bubbles so there is more contact of the actual spirit on your tongue.

It has been said that shaking a martini will oxidize the spirit,changing the taste.

Some people say that shaking a martini will water it down too much. Before you create your own personal opinion or take someone’s personal preference as your own, order a martini in both of these different ways, do a blind tasting and see which you prefer

Both gin and vodka are known as Spirits, but they are very different in aroma and flavor.

Vodka is made using fermented grains or potatoes, and it has a neutral aroma and flavor.

Gin is also made using fermented and distilled grains or potatoes. But, unlike vodka, gin has the addition of Juniper berries and botanicals, which give gin a hugely distinct aroma and flavor.


This is a picture of a  juniper berry which gives gin its distinguishing aroma. It’s one of those scents that even people with a bad sniffer can point out, no problem.

Yum!  It smells like Christmas or a hike in the mountains.

When someone orders a martini from you, which of the following questions will you ask them?